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The alternative education program is located in Winkler’s industrial park at 359 Manitoba Road.  Alt Ed is for grade 9-12 male and female students from Low German Mennonite Families. 

Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are taught along with very practical “hands on” subjects like: gardening, agriculture, canning, sewing, cooking, quilting, woodworking, welding, and even hog slaughtering.  The goal is to give students real life education that can be used when they get jobs and in their homes.

Students can also learn technical skills in grade 11 and 12 through training programs like: Horticulture, Heavy Duty Technician, Automotive Technician, Welding, Culinary Arts, and Building Construction. These programs teach students skills and fulfill courses needed for graduation.

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Onse School haft een Alternative Education Program, uk eefach Alt Ed jenant, opp 359 Manitoba Road en Winkler. Dit Program es fa Junges un fa Mejales von Plautdietsch Mennonische Famieljes en Grade 9 bat 12.

Hia unjarecht wie läsen un schriewen, räakjnen, Wissenschoft, un Volkjs Jeschicht, un uk praktische Sachen, soone aus Goaden moaken, formern, Äten moaken un enmoaken, neien, Dakjen moaken, Holt Oabeit, Schweessen, un uk Schwien schlachten. Scheela lieren waut see jieda Dach tus un oppe Oabeit brucken woaren.

En Grade 11 un 12 kjennen dise Scheela uk wieda lieren en soone Fajcha aus Horticulture Plaunten besorjen, Heavy Duty Technician growet Jereetschoft un Diesels, Automotive Technician Koaren un Mootasch fixen, Welding schweessen, Culinary Arts Äten moaken, un Building Construction buen. Hia lieren see practische Oabeit un jeft uk Aunerkjanunk fa Graduation.

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