Spectator Guidelines for Extra-Curricular Sports

The following are the guidelines for spectator attendance for extra-curricular games and tournaments in school gymnasiums. These guidelines will be reviewed regularly and adjusted as per spectator cooperation and public health orders.

Attendance Guidelines:

  1. Attendance will reflect the current Public Health orders. 
  2. Spectators must be masked and observe physical distancing guidelines to the greatest extent possible.
  3. All spectators must enter the school at the gymnasium entrance (north side).  Please use Muirham Ave to access the parking lot.
  4. In order to support cleaning protocol and facility management, spectators must leave after the game that they were watching. Please help with the reduction of congestion by avoiding visiting/waiting in the lobby/entrance.

Maintenance and Supervision for Games/Tournaments:

  1. Players will use washrooms in designated change rooms only.
  2. Spectators will use a designated washroom separate from the players (near the entrance).
  3. Activity in the building must be contained to the gymnasium entrance and the gym area.


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