Garden Valley Collegiate is located in the City of Winkler. It has a student population of approximately 750, a teaching staff of 50 and a support staff of 25. GVC is a thriving learning community that offers a variety of award-winning programs in academics, arts, music, sports and technology. GVC continues to expand the opportunities for students with the most recent additions being in the areas of EAL, technical education, business education, physical education and fine arts.

GVC's Purpose of Education:

To graduate students who are willing and contributing members of society

To graduate students with excellent oral and written communication skills

To graduate students with experience working collaboratively as part of a team

To graduate students with curiosity and imagination

To graduate students who think creatively to solve problems

To graduate students who take initiative and have an entrepreneurial spirit

To graduate students who are agile, adaptable, and ready to respond to a rapidly changing world

To graduate students with the ability to skillfully access and analyze information


Excellence through opportunity, community and character.


736 Main Street | Winkler | MB | R6W 4C8 
Phone: 325-8008 | Fax: 325-5894 | E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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