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Follet Shelf Ebooks and Audio Books

Follett Shelf is a collection of online resources through the GVC Library website. This collection consists of ebook titles and audio books. To learn more about signing out a book on Follett Shelf, follow these instructions.

Destiny Read App

The Destiny Read app allows you to enjoy the ebooks and audiobooks provided through the GVC Library on your phone or other mobile device.

How to use:

Download the free app wherever you get your apps.

To log in:

               Location: Manitoba (MB)

               School: Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

This will take you to the second log-in page. Enter your school username and password here.

The app will show you any online materials that you currently have checked-out.

From this app you can:

  • Read or listen to any books/audiobooks you check out
  • Temporarily download materials to enjoy offline
  • Return materials once you are finished

If you have no items checked-out, please visit Follett Shelf and follow the provided instructions on the Library page to sign-out books there. Any books that you sign-out on that site will be automatically synced with the app for you to enjoy on your mobile device.

The following is a list of links to electronic resources available that do not require a User ID or password.

Winnipeg Free Press
School Finder  (schools, careers, scholarships, awards, etc.)
Environmental Educational
Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Infoplease (an internet reference site)
Online Encyclopedia
The Canadian Encyclopedia
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