The following is a collection of videos prepared by members of Ms. Bergen’s Law 40S classroom. In April, Constable Gord Olson held a presentation about internet safety at GVC, talking to young adults and teenagers about the risks and problems of Social Media, and the bad habits that have developed in recent years. Each video was made to portray just a few of these problems, and the legal difficulties that accompany some of them.

ICE Court: This video portrays a rather common message: “send nudes.” Yet many people, especially teenagers, don’t understand the extent of those words, and how quickly a text can be deemed a criminal offence.


ICE Blackmail: Extortion cases like the one shown in this video sadly happen on a daily basis. This short film is meant to raise awareness of the seriousness of such a subject, it’s legal consequences, and provides a help line for anyone needing support in such a situation.


ICE Sharing: This video, although unintentionally humorous, raises a rather serious issue: the sharing of nude pictures. This, to some, funny habit is very much criminal though. Young adults should however be aware that bad choices have bad consequences.


ICE Voyeurism: Voyeurism is an act several young people commit unintentionally on a daily basis. This short film shows how such an act is not only arguably immoral, but even criminal.


ICE Report: This video is meant to encourage “courteous” social media behavior and the good habit of not just ignoring issues, but to report them. It’s literally as easy as tapping a button.


ICE Interview: This video is meant to be a simple reminder of just how much online profiles reveal about us. From first impressions, to a potential career, our online presence does not go unnoticed.



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